All our reviews are taken from real people who have attended our events  over the years and have been given with permission.  See below  for detailed accounts of their experiences.


Dear Master May

Well what a day it was at the last CFNM Tea Party! It’s Steve (Number 7) here.

Sincere thanks for being so kind to me. I was so determined not to be late but I realised I was wearing bright socks and had forgotten to put my plain black ones in my bag, and when I arrived at Marylebone Station I walked for ages trying to find a normal shop where I could buy plain black socks and I couldn’t find any for ages!

I did get a cab to be quicker but I felt so awful about being late, I didn’t want to be disrespectful or cause anyone any inconvenience so I felt a bit upset, and I did find it all very nerve-wracking so I just got really panicked and felt I couldn’t go on.

It was very kind of you to come and talk to me and reassure me, and you were quite right, I was glad i stayed and had a new experience.

I was also glad I could help out no. 2 who had forgotten his cuffs – I’d got two pairs and thought I might as well bring them both in case anyone had forgotten, and glad I bought some lipstick too!

As for the event itself, the ladies couldn’t have been more supportive and kind and I felt like I really connected with them – when one of the ladies said she could see why I had a lot of female friends I felt very proud.

It was great to see all the other men – obviously I enjoyed seeing them in a different way to them as I was attracted to many of them, but I also felt a sense of camaraderie as we were all nervous and it was sort of all men together helping each other – that’s something gay men don’t necessarily feel all the time, so it was nice to feel like “one of the boys” serving the ladies.

It was a great feeling to be a joint winner and I felt I had made up for being a little awkward at first and, with your support and encouragment, I managed to give the ladies some entertainment and a good time.

The other men were nice to me as well – I had been worried they might not have wanted me there but I didn’t get that feeling from them and they were all good to me.

It certainly is amazing I have got to experience something I was always curious about.

There is a real atmosphere of fun but also of respect – obviously the men are there to serve, but I still felt an underlying respect and recognition that it was a roleplay for both sides mutual benefit there.

I do appreciate I presented some unique challenges for you and I am properly understanding and grateful that you went the extra mile to understand and support me.

Thank you very much, I do appreciate it.

Good Morning Master May
Just wanted to say thank you to yourself and the ladies for Saturdays fantastic experience at the tea party. I had a great time. You created a perfect space for exploring my kink which I came away understanding much better. I particularly enjoyed the opportunity to dance in front of the ladies for their amusement!
Thanks again and I hope to attend again.
Warm regards
(#1 the cock ring cowboy)
Hello MM

Just  a special thank you for a delightfully  entertaining evening yesterday.

I’m looking for to attending your next tea party

I just wanted to thank you again for allowing me to serve at your party at the weekend.

 I had an amazing time and the ladies attending were exquisite.Xxx
Slave pat

 Thank you for another incredible afternoon of debauchery May! 😝💞 Miss A xxx
This Tea Party was a riot💃🏽- so many worthy 🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆! Thank you Mistress May once again for letting us have such a good time. Miss V

Dear Miss May 18th March 2023

It is incredible how you manage to create joy around you. The Ladies dominate with such a kindness and the men have just the fear necessary to be happy. Who could believe that during a domination party we would laugh so many time and the men be in human link with the ladies … though respectfull.

Your Ladies are so marvelous ; enthusiastic, fancyfull and they realy seem to appeciate the situation… For all the men it was a marvelous time.

It a real priviledge to be accepted in your tea parties. And a real chance to know you… and to be not so far!!!

Really the part of service as nude waiter is incredible. In France nobody knows CFNM and I think nobody would understand the strong erotism of such moments. May be in England it is little more usefull. I discoved CFNM on the internet but I thought I would never live such an expérience during years..  untill I discovered that you were organising those parties.. . What a luck for me , really.
[09:42, 19/03/2023] M/Y: You can use them on twitter or other sites even with my face as you feel it. I have published nudes photos on my twitter account without any problems. And anyway I think there is no shame to play . The boudary is respect to each other .

Yours Gratefully,


Hello MM,  18th March 2023
It was great – so much better than my (already high) expectations – and everybody was really lovely.
I’m sure next time I’ll be less shy now that I’ve met you and know what to expect, and I’ll come prepared for the entertainment 😅
I’m so glad I took the courage to finally attend.
Best regards to you and Schiavo and thanks again for making this possible 🙏


A special thank You to the ladies.  18th March 2023

What a tremendous afternoon and evening of service and instruction at the Easter Bunny AcadaMay Tea Party. While slaves  from several countries did their best to entertain , so lucky to receive their appraisals and merit scores from their Superiors. Speaking from a slave perspective it is so important to receive their education and instruction for improvement from powerful Females. All correction was given with due care and solemnity, such a vital learning experience for any slave. Plus the chance for electric shock torture to round off their lessons where appropriate.  An awesome way to commemorate Easter, more specifically Ēostee the Saxon Goddess, with  awesome Females in command


AcadaMay CFNM Ladies Dungeon Tea Party, October 8th 2022

I just wanted to thank you for such an amazing tea party yesterday. I did not expect to have so much fun!!! I Haven’t laughed that much in ages 😂

I had such an amazing time and all the ladies were lovely.

I will definitely be at the next one If that’s ok?

Speak soon

Dru xx

Hello. I was number 4 this afternoon. Very nice to meet you at last!!!

Kind regards

N0 4

Hi Miss May

Just wanted to let you know that I had a really fun time on Saturday, and to thank you and the guests for making me feel so welcome.

I have found the dark and brooding atmosphere of a lot of BDSM stuff a bit intimidating in the past, so it was fantastic to be able to explore my submissive side in an environment full of laughter and silly jokes. It really helped put me at ease and so I felt like I could fully enjoy playing the role. The other servers were really good fun too. I’d love to come again.

No 1 (Vincent)

Good morning Master May,

May I, and my sore bottom, thank You and the other Ladies for a wonderful day, yesterday. I must admit I was very apprehensive about attending the event but was put at ease by Your welcoming demeanour and I soon felt more relaxed and able to enjoy the event more. I thank You again for allowing me to attend yesterday’s event and thought I would leave You with a picture of my late arriving shoes…time to practice walking in them now!
Respectful regards,
Craig…no.3.   X

Thanks for yesterday that was amazing!!!


CFNM March 2022

Dear Mistress

I want to thank you again for organising these tea parties. I can t explain but for me it is the most exiting situation I have ever lived. When I discoved the concept of cfnm I thaught I woud never live reel cfnm.  I found you on google … cfnm london ( I had tried cfnm Barcelona… Paris.  Belgium … nothing ). I think you are the only cfnm party in Europe!!
I wanted to say also that I enjoy the kindness that is always marvelous during the party. I don t realy like when it s to serious , when the male are considered really as animals . It would hurt me … we are always considered as human beings and there is always sense of humour , and humanity. I don t know if you will understand what I mean but we are all playing whith intelligence.
You ladies are incredible … you are such a good hostess to help each one to fell happy… and I admire you enthousiasm that seems a part of you personality.
The gentelmen two were super… Sslave F
Miss May, Thank you for an exceptional
Day. I would like to thank you and the Ladies present and thank the other servers who guided me through my first cfnm event.I know I wasn’t very good as I really didn’t get what was expected of me and I can only Improve with experience which I don’t have.I thought I would test the waters as they say
But felt a failure at not being able to be like the other servers, I was very nervous throughout. I must thank you for even taken notice of me, I was surprised and grateful for the attention I received from you.
Best regards,

CFNM November 2021

CFNM Event Saturday 6 Nov courtesy of @AcadaMay. Thanks to @Master-May for some brilliant organisation. Female empowerment. Males humbled and made to serve in a variety of ways. For my part I was stripped, plugged, displayed and disciplined by some amazing dommes. Ordered and sometimes forced to lie face down on the bed, my naked body would be casually groped, stroked and intimately touched by any number of ladies who took the fancy, and plenty did. I was reduced to nothing more than their playtoy – sexually objectified, casually degraded, all while they sipped wine and made conversation with each other. A thoroughly humiliating experience and I’ve never felt more turned on in my entire life. DEE & Miss El

It was a great party 🤩😈 Miss Vee

Thanks for organizing the wonderful evening. It was indeed a great party!!
Regards #4

Yes a great evening love it so many classy women ❤️Bum is now very sore 😂 Jon

Hi Master May/AcadaMay

I just wanted to say a massive thank you for such a wonderful event last night! I had an absolutely fantastic time!

Thanks so much again! I’m already looking forward to the next one 🙂 Miss Susie

Hello Master May,

Just to say I really enjoyed the event yesterday, I hope you had a good time.


Dear Mistress May/AcadaMay,

Thank you for inviting me to your last tea party. I had a great time and would love to come to more events. The girls, men and your good self were lovely and I felt very welcomed.

Very best wishes,

Miss Helen x

CFNM March 2020

Hi May, it’s “No.4” from the Tea Party a couple of days ago. Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed it and the afterparty, and will definitely come again.  NickI had a great time yesterday. Unsure at first! I really got into it as the afternoon progressed. Star x

It was my first time at the AcadaMay CFNM I can’t wait for the next one. It was delightful, thank you. Karina x

Hi Master May

It Was my first time serving and I did enjoy it very much! I think it is something I shall explore more! Thanks for unleashing the butler in me!. If you ever have an event where you need a naked butler you know you can call on me. No 5 x

CFNM September 2019

Dear AcadaMay/MM

Thank you for putting on the tea party yesterday, it was tremendous fun. Carl x

Hi Master May thanks so much for lovely evening it was amazing Chris.

Dear Master May,

I Just want to thank You for organising the AcadaMay slave auction. i had loads of fun with all the with all the Mistresses.I had loads of fun it was very it was erotically charged and I enjoyed every moment.I shall see you all at the ball in July. Thank you once again for a wonderful evening and for taking the time to organise such an event.

slave robert x

June AcadaMay

AcadaMay rocks! You rock! See you again very soon,

LT x

Good Afternoon Master May.

What can i say……thanks for a wonderful evening, so glad i made the journey Lovely venue

and lovely ladies…….the format was great.

Yours Obediently slave Roland

I would like to thank you and your Mistress friends for another fun filled night.

cant wait for the next one.

slave M

Our April 20th AcadaMay was the best ever so many Mistresses and willing slaves everyone had a fantastic decadent time..

Hey Master May, it was such a pleasure to meet you…didn’t get to really chat with you there was so much going on what a good time I had. Bell x

I’m so glad that Mistress Manouche invited me. loved pegging on the swing thing. I had the most amazing time…it was an experience I tell you that! Loved all aspects of it…the way it was conducted everybody was lovely wonderful dommes and a bunch of really nice subs.

I will defiantly be at the next AcadaMay in July and I won’t forget my ID thanks for sorting that out for me. You have yourself a lovely weekend to .

Best regards
MG xxx

Dear Master May,
Hi may I had a lot if fun last night I’m becoming addicted to your nights..
They are amazing..I’d love it if they were twice a month.
Brilliant.. Resident Domme!!. Lol
Mistress Iceni x

Hi Master May,
I would like to thank you for an enjoyable experience at the Acadamay. I look forward to seeing
you and the Mistresses again. I had a great time at the AcadaMay. Humble slave mark.

What a fantastic night I really enjoyed myself looking forward to the next one. Mistress Manouche xx

WHAT A GOOD NIGHT! slave neil.

Dear Master May,
I had such a good time yesterday. Thank you as usual for organising. Princess Icicles x

February 23rd AcadaMay Avant Garde slave Auction.

Hi May, thank you for your message. It was really nice meeting you and I enjoyed my first AcadaMay! Thank you and everyone for making me feel welcomed and comfortable, especially with my first time jitters! I look forward to seeing you again at future events ? Mistress Lilly

Wonderful to meet you and thank you for last night. Mistress Pixie

Another wonderful and decadent AcadaMay I thoroughly enjoyed the auction & look forward to the next one. slave Danny.

Always a great night with these guys, pushing our boundaries a little more each time. Looking forward to seeing you both again soon       Swirl Delight x

So once again my lovely Master May, was the wonderful host for AcadaMay. It was a wonderful evening had by all. A great job from Master May and dungeon Master, such an organised event. Lovely & sexy mistress and willing slaves. Much fun indeed was had by all. What happens at Acadamay stays at Acadamay. Can’t wait for next month. Thank you Master May/ AcadaMay Xxx

GGoooooood morning.
I had a blast. Was an absolute pleasure meeting you. I will definitely come back to visit.
Have a WickedWeekend Ms Deviant xxxx

Indeed, another fabulous evening of AcadayMayhem! I really enjoyed meeting the new mistresses and having fun together, and we did really have a fine selection of slaves to bid for and share (because of course, us ladies are happy to share our playthings). I particularly enjoyed the line-up of delectable bottoms outside in the fresh air, in the yard, and the bullwhip demonstrations and practice. I shall have to go and buy myself one immediately. There’s nothing like the crack of a whip on a quivering buttock…. thanks to all for attending and we hope to see you again soon.

It was my first AcadeMay event and I’m still excited after few days. It was great fun and as I’m new the world of Dominatrix an amazing and mind blowing lesson. Master May is a great host with lots of positive energy and expertise . She’s a great role model, definitely knows how to keep the party going and keep the non obedient slaves under control. The whip demonstration and practice was so interesting that I’m definitely getting one for myself as wellI ?I will definitely be a regular attendee and highly recommend the event as a whole, as every minute was a unique experience. MadammeNadia

Thank you for a good evening AcadaMay – I might have been a bit quiet about it at the time, but I genuinely enjoyed myself.It was a certainly a first time for a few things, being fucked by a strap on, being naked at a party, masturbating in-front of people, a whiplash that managed to land on the end of my cock and also being around so many people that enjoy BDSM – it’s quite a different experience to play in private, more hedonistic.Best wishes for the bank holiday weekend Gavin

Dear Mistress May,
I had an amazing time thank you, truly liberating, and apart from tormenting the subs I really enjoyed meeting the other mistresses. Just the whole ambiance was brilliant, I liked the structure and thought that went into it, as an event, and enjoyed it from the minute I walked in, and felt very much at home and relaxed.Speak to you soon, and congratulations on a successful evening.

Hello Master May
Thank you very much for this evenings Acadamay. I had a really enjoyable time and I’m going to be booking again for next month. I thought the mistresses were excellent and the venue was great.
Thank you again, and look forward to seeing you next month. Kind regards slave Richard.

I am definitely going next time, the event was amazing. I particularly enjoyed tormenting and humiliating all those willing subs alongside the other mistresses in the Circle of Shame and Speed-Domming. House slut was indeed outstanding! And of course, a lady doesn’t divulge what happened in the one-on-one sessions ?

Master May, you were superb. Thank you so much for organising this and looking after me. You made me feel suitable humiliated and special all at the same time. She was incredible as so were you. I thought you organised and executed the evening very well.Much love to you sub Imp x

I would like to thank Master and all the mistresses who contributed to the wonderful time I had at AcadaMay. I can hardly wait for the next event.Your obedient slave submark.

AcadaMay at Madrid La pasteleria Spain

Pasteleria last night was amazing! Such a beautiful dungeon and so much fun with my Mistresses and the subs. We all got to play with each other nicely and I noticed some exceedingly wobbly legs as the subs left after 6 hours of decadence.

Absolutely. Another fantastic AcadaMay, this time in gorgeous Spanish surroundings. Can’t think of a better mix than Madrid and kink. There were indeed some wobbly legs, I’m not sure how some people made it up those stairs from the dungeon after what we did to them…. all of it deserved of course. Viva AcadaMay! Si Senora… Iceni

Hi AcadaMay,
I had a lovely time last night. It was the best femdomme event I’ve ever been to. It was original, and great. You arranged it so well. Thanks so much! D xx

March 24th AcadaMay…
Thank you for an interesting evening. It’s given me so much to think about. Loved that you used the anal hook on me – I had been thinking of trying.I hope I get a chance to meet you and the Mistresses again – in whatever capacity. Serving drinks at one of your tea parties I think I would like a lot. Enjoy your Easter break, slave de

April 28th AcadaMay 


… I Thank you Master MAY… I have to say … I felt “HOME” last night at your great event … I Can’t wait for the next. … ?It so Refreshing to MEAT… The Real Deal ! … Master MAY … where have you been all my life ?… I will your SISTER STALKER … XXX. M

The Acadamay events are the best femdomme events I’ve ever attended.They are original, and loads of fun. A lot of thought has been put into organization, and that pays off. I’ve been to three so far, and they seem to get better all the time.Many thanks to everyone involved! – Darcy

Fantastic night, thank you May. You’ve certainly found yourself a regular in me. If anyone who attended.All such a lovely bunch of slaves and a WONDERFUL group of exceptional mistresses. It was an honour. Awesome evening master may…can’t wait for the next one.Miss H

Fab event. Atmospheric, dark and deliciously twisted. I love the auction element. Had lots of fun punishing my sub. Good group of subs too who took the cruelties we doled out well, as they should.Acadamay is a unique event I feel with some fantastic Mistresses. Looking forward to the next one. BijouPlays Xx

Glad to hear it was a great night (as always). So sorry I couldn’t make it, I missed you all. Here’s to next time, AcadaMay seems to just go from strength to strength. Here’s to Master May and long may she reign! xxx

May 19th AcadaMay 2016

I would like to thank Master May and all the mistresses and slaves who made AcadaMay such an enjoyable event. I had a great evening. Being blindfolded part of the time, I am not sure which mistress or mistresses were paddling and caning me but thank you whoever you were. I look forward to the next AcadaMay. submark

Another fantastic evening a great calibre of slaves and Mistresses as always. I enjoyed playing with the slave I bought and managed to inflict some delightful cock bruising! I also loved sampling some of the other Mistresses wares.Thanks to all, Miss H

I just wanted to drop a line to say how much I enjoyed last night at AcadaMay. It was fun,naughty,sensual,submissive,dominant,dark,sexy,pleasurable….it goes on. I was pleased that Winston got a ride and it was fun to see the fear at BigBillyBoy but maybe the next time there will be a look of fear and excitement, a shiver of anticipation at the thought of wielding Billy ? (evil cackle). It was handy that I had a gag too lol. Until next time saucy people Sassynumpty x

It was a great night as always! I was very happy to be back: I needed my fix of AcadaMay, there’s nothing else that quite hits the spot. Pleased with my slave purchases, and I got to play with both of them to my heart’s content. Well worth the loose change I spent on them. I also really enjoyed meeting the other mistresses again, and seeing some new faces.Thanks Master May, Dungeon Master and Essy D for a perfect evening. xx

The Slave Auction was great fun! And was the perfect start to a great evening.
Thank You all for making AcadaMay such a great night for Mistresses and sub’s alike.
Essy D. x