AcadaMayHouse Rules

 To provide a safe and fun environment so that everyone has an amazing experience at AcadaMay, we have a little list of “House Rules” that must be adhered to.

Do not bring any cameras – only official photographers are permitted and they will always ask permission before taking any photos.
Do not harass (verbally or otherwise) – harassment of any kind will not be tolerated, offenders will be escorted out of the club and possibly banned from future events.
Do not touch without permission – non-consensual acts will be treated the same as harassment.
Do not interrupt a scene, do not walk through a scene, don’t ever assume – always ask first.


Have consideration of others
Be responsible for yours and others safety –  inform someone ASAP if there are Issues, any problems all crew are here to help.


Ensure that you arrive with the correct dress code and remain dressed accordingly.
Go all out in putting your outfit together
Decadent, outrageous, fetish, glamour, burlesque, full military dress uniform, OTT, dress to impress…
Not sure what to wear? – contact us and we’ll give you some ideas or tell you if your outfit will be fine.


No drugs of any  kind will be tolerated at any of the AcadaMay events. If anyone is found with drugs they will immediately be asked to leave.