CFNM Sanctuary

For years women have been  sexually objectified in magazines, on TV and in daily life. But what happens when the roles are reversed, when the tables are turned when men are sexually objectified by women? Most alternative events sexualize women but there is one that we are legendary for and that is the CFNM by definition objectifies men – clothed female naked male. If you wish to serve our ladies at their retreat then this is for you..
Ladies this is your chance to be served by the men whilst you relax and objectify them with a modicum of humiliation and female empowerment. Gentleman this is your chance to serve our ladies at their Sanctuary  whist they relax this is your chance to parade your self naked in our elegant sanctuary retreat to have the opportunity to serve and make yourself compliant to any of the ladies at the retreat demur and without back chat. You will be prepared to offer an excellent serving service your assets fondled and inspected should the ladies choose.


The CFNM Ladies Sanctuary
Our three day three day retreat will be based in the heart of London if you wish to enjoy the nightlife it is just on your doorstep or the countryside with rolling green hills. We welcome like minded females for a day or weekend of pampering and relaxation whilst being served in our luxurious Sanctuary.You will be welcomed to a place where you can enjoy chats around the dining table enjoy our sofas that will never let you stand up,all while being pampered all this will be at your disposal and more..



What is the Sanctuary?

The Sanctuary is a place for our ladies to enjoy themselves relax with each other whilst all the time gaining pleasure from being waited upon by the opposite sex. Our retreats offer a time to escape a massage, wonderful meals, an maid service and lady in waiting services a butler all the time putting the world to rights. Hosted at beautiful retreats we invite you to join us for a weekend of pampering, relaxation,  laughing and fun.There is no weekend like it imagine being waited on hand and foot all weekend from the moment you arrive to the time you leave. A tantric experience a time to chill out with other like minded powerful women add in the ability to drink endless cups of coffee or tea , perhaps a glass of wine whilst sharing stories and you have a wonderful  magical weekend.


The men

If you are a male interested in serving at our weekend CFNM Sanctuary retreat email us here:
if you have attended our legendary CFNM ladies tea parties then you will know what type of service is expected. This is  a high protocol service for any man that is fortunate enough to be able to serve our ladies on their Sanctuary retreat. You will be serving anything from 6-10 ladies over the course of a weekend. If you cannot attend for the whole weekend you may apply to serve on a daily basis. You will need to be well groomed and experienced in serving, disciplined and obedient, after all this is about female empowerment and you will be in attendance to serve your superiors.


If you have any of the skills below you may apply.

When you apply you will state clearly what skill/s you have and to what experience level. You will also state how many days you can attend serving the ladies at the  AcadaMay Sanctuary CFNM Retreat.The minimum is a whole days service and the maximum is the three day weekend service. A photograph of yourself doing something normal is also required, any nude photos sent and you will be banned and not considered for our service.
Skilled chef
Lady waiting
Service men for ladies
Door man/security