With so many venues closing down, and a few of the London fetish events slowly disappearing, we invite you to support our initiative and keep the fetish scene of London alive and flourishing, whilst at the same time encouraging newbies and first timers to learn and experience the wonders of BDSM in a supportive, tolerant environment.  Attending your first fetish event can be a daunting experience; not knowing what to expect, not realizing how friendly and welcoming we actually are, not knowing how much consent and respect is valued in the scene.  We were all newbies once….

The most important things to be aware of at the AcadaMay events are consent and respect. It’s all good in our book if you want to enjoy somebody and take part in their experience, or even just to hang out and watch gorgeous people enjoying themselves but only if it’s consensual,consent is required at our events before play or touching of any kind. We do tend to hug each other but only with those we know. When entering a scene always ensure you keep your distance for those playing keeping a respectful distance and no lingering for too long. At the AcadaMay we do not allow any videos, photos unless this has been properly arranged with the AcadaMay. If you are unsure of any of our rules please read our rules or send us an email

Whew! that was a lot of dont’s, but with them you’re empowered to have a lovely ethical sexy time at the AcadaMay events.

Top 6 essential guides

1. Get Consent

2. Don’t Gawp

3. Respect the dress code or lack off

4. Start Conversations

5. Read the signs

6. Ask the dungeon Master if you’re not sure of anything.

Simply when you attend the AcadaMay events No! means No! and STOP means STOP! if you wish to play with someone just ask. We like to welcome newbies to the AcadaMay whatever your gender Gay, Kinky, Trans, Sissy, a Swinger or Bi. We also offer training for newbies wishing to explore this can take the form of one to one training or in a group setting, if you are a submissive male or female that wishes  to explore BDSM for the first time do come along and check out our events., Or if you have experience or just plain kinky or a couple wishing to spice things up in the bedroom AcadaMay is for you. We offer a unique intimate BDSM experiences for like minded intelligent people.

How should I dress?

You can dress in plain street clothes and change at the venue or or turn up already dressed (under your coat obviously). Dress as daring as you wish -but please do make an effort, after all this is a dungeon party 🙂 But if you’re at a loss for what to wear, regular lingerie or just a sexy pair of underwear/ shorts can function as kinky wear (males included). Wear something that makes you feel sexy, but remember, if you plan on playing, you may want to pack some shoes that allow you to easily stand and keep your balance. Your legs can get shaky when you’re turned on, so plan for that in advance.

Our new parties V&E caters for this as well as our AcadaMay regualr monthly slave auction events. We also invite you to join us when we are in Europe, AcadaMay likes to take its brand of unique events to the masses here and abroad.


In any play always remember that consent is always first and foremost. Safe, sane and risk-aware consensual kink is what we promote and safe words should always be agreed before play commences. We do not go around flogging people at random and without permission, that is definitely NOT allowed!

Avoid talking anywhere near people playing as this can spoil the intensity of the action and be distracting for all those involved. You should never interrupt a scene, if you witness something that causes concern inform the Dungeon Master who will deal with it with tact and discretion.

If you watch a super-hot scene between people and would like to play with someone from the scene, wait until the play is over, give them some time to wind down, and then approach and ask about the possibility of playing with that person.

Taking photos at a play party is not allowed. However if someone gives you their express permission this could be done discreetly so as not to involve others in your photo.

We do not allow blood sports or needle play of any kind.

If you wish to join the AcadaMay  and keep informed of our events please email us at:

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