Q. I have never attended the AcadaMay events/parties how do I apply to attend?

A. You can apply to attend our Soirees or our CFNM or other parties by sending an email to acadamayevents@gmail.com stating your name and what event you wish to attend.

Q.I have never heard of CFNM what does it stand for?

A. CFNM ( Clothed Female Naked Males

Q.Isn't CFNM Party just another risque party?

A. No! Men and women are strictly prohibited from engaging in sex at all times during CFNM parties.  This is not to say relationships don't evolve from our gatherings as they sometimes do (this author once had a monogamous relationship with a woman met because of a CFNM party) .   But if two people become attracted to each other and wish to engage in such activities, the must first leave the party before acting upon their attraction.

Q. can anyone attend the AcadaMay CFNM parties?

A. Well groomed men can apply to attend our CFNM parties as well as women

Q. How many guests will come, and what is the female-male ratio?

A. Each CFNM is different but we always try to keep a even ration between the men and women.

Q. How often are the CFNM parties held?

A. Every first Saturday of the month

Q.How are men selected and how can I get on that list?

A. We have a screening process Men that respond with interest to an opportunity must be vetted by the host, which sometimes includes an in-person interview with the hostesses.  Even if you have reached out met one of the hostesses, it does not assure you'll get on the list.