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The installment of AcadaMay looms – August 25th it is shaping up nicely we are so busy organizing this months event, which as you know includes our slave auction. Are yo slave enough to attend. We also look forward to the AcadaMay  garden tea party. How wonderful it will be to meet like minded females for tea & cake and a dash of wine.

Strapon on Tuesday

Was spanking & strapon Tuesday the day started with my beloved sub in attendance I took him through his protocols he had to learn and then I left him with some lovely marks. He showed his appreciation by kissing Masters feet… How I enjoyed leaving marks on him when he arrived home he was able to view them and thanked me. My second sub was a regular also he came for watersports but I am not here to perform for no slave so he performed for me. A good day was had by all…

AcadaMay 11th December event

 The AcadaMay Mistresses were in attendance all four of us. The event started with the slaves on all fours in my circle of shame, whilst crawling on their knees, including the females. All saves were in flogged as they past us and had hot wax dripped on them as they crawled past us.

They were then instructed to thank each Mistress in turn before the event really begun, well they did try to get it right but it was not said in unison. So they were flogged until they got it right. Once the initiation was over each slaves was taken to a separate area with a Mistress.  Each of the slaves desires was taken into consideration but remembering they were also to please the Mistress. There were dark areas, the prison cell, the glory holes the huge cage. All areas was used very well, each Mistress chose her space.. The slaves were primed and ready for use they were broken they were eager to be used there voices sounded fearful but excited as they probably anticipated what was to come..

As the evening wore on the slaves were used and abused to the delight of the Mistresses, each taken to a different area of the dungeon. At one stage myself and Ms Deeva left our slaves on hand & foot cane in mouth while we went had a 5 minute break, they were ordered not to move. Upon returning our slaves, luckily for them had not moved they were taken off to another area in the dungeon. My female little cum slut wanted so much to please me I laid her on the bed on her back she was was delightfully spit roasted amongst other erotic delights…

The other part of the event was speed Domming all slaves had 8minutes with each Mistress to do what Mistress instructed that could be foot worship, strap on play or forced bi it was delightful. The whole  event was erotically charged. The sounds and murmurs of the slaves whilst they were being used sometimes the loud crack of a cane, the sound of slave thanking his Mistress, the lights low the sound of the AcadaMay music in the background subs entering subspace all added to the atmosphere of AcadaMay at Le Boudoir….

This months event will take place on January 21st 2016 at the gorgeous Le Boudoir club. Bigger & better this months event is for you! AcadaMay is a regular event for subs and slaves with Mistress May as your beautiful ebony host for an evening of divine decadence and sublime submission – all those who crave to kneel at the feet of superior Goddesses should make it their priority to attend our monthly events.

Shhh!  AcadaMay at Le Boudoir January 21st 2016

The countdown has begun shhh! tell no one… have you got your tickets?

Female submissives required for sessions and filming If you wish to apply you need to do so by email  to

A visit to Madrid for research and work with a aim to stage AcadaMay Madrid… What a wonderful place that was found no not in the centre of Madrid but a long back street… fantastico! all will be revealed soon. Be ready to fly to Madrid for this sumptuous event.

AcadaMay have returned from Madrid and we are pleased to say we shall be staging a AcdaMay event in Madrid at the sumptuous La Pasterleria we cannot wait! The event shall take place on the 11th March 10pm-2am details are advertised NOW! here.

The next AcadaMay event is upon us 21st January the event is looking very good there are many subs that have signed up for this months event which will be bigger and better. The countdown begins there are many Mistresses attending we are looking forward to this event. AcadaMay is growing from strength to strength. Next months event shall be at the gorgeous Le Boudoir. We aim to stage our London AcadaMay events at the gorgeous Le Boudoir. There will be other AcadaMay events around the country so do keep a look out as we could be in a area near you. Take a look at our Parties page to see our upcoming events.

AcadaMay 21st January

Thank you to all that attended last night’s AcadaMay especially my Mistresses a fabulous kinky night was had by all. Plenty of subs in attendance = Mistresses. A Particularly good decadent segment was.. our house slut… and of course the circle of shame.

A little teaser for you..

There was no penetration. One Domme used a Hitachi on her pussy, a second played with her breasts and a third whispered in her ear and stroked her face. Meantime the subs were in a circle kneeling on the bed around her and were ordered to walk over her and cover her with their cum. She was drenched. And so so grateful afterwards! She’ll definitely be back in February.

Want to know more ? What happens in AcadaMay stays in AcadaMay Attend and all shall be revealed.

Next event 25th February will you be there?

Mistresses Tea Party Saturday 2Oth February

We had a blast all the Mistresses enjoyed themselves we ate cake and drank tea. I also had in store for them a surprise slave that was ordered to bring each of us a single Red rose… We had so much fun with him. Read the reviews:

Hi Mistress May,

It was an honour to attend your tea party I had a fantastic time and really enjoyed meeting all the Mistresses and being used by them.

PS I did arrive safely thank you I hope the rest of your tea party went smoothly.

Mistress Iceni:

Thank you for the invitation, it was a great afternoon. I can’t think of a better Saturday afternoon than hanging out with a group of wonderful mistresses enjoying tea and cock. sorry, cake….. 😉

Hello Mistress May,

it was an honour and a privilege to meet you, I thoroughly enjoyed your Tea Party and look forward to more. I found all the Mistresses to be friendly and helpful. What a lovely group of Ladies!
I now feel so much more confident about Thursday and I’m really looking forward to being part of the team.

I’m really keen to do some ice play at AcadaMay is there a freezer in the venue? If not I was thinking of bringing my cool bag with the blue ice blocks and just using those (subtly) for sensation play.

Best wishes,

Mistress Vár.

Hello, Master May.

Yes, it was a wonderful Saturday afternoon and I felt happy and privileged to be invited and to meet everyone in your group. 🙂

Yes, I will keep a day open for next month in hope of sharing the moment again……and I’ll know how to get there this time lol and let’s hope for better weather in doing so 🙂

Till soon
Jovana x

Hi Mistress May,

Enormous thank you for today!

I throughly enjoyed myself – fantastic company, beautiful surroundings (you have a stunning home btw) and great cake!

It’s was a totally enriching and enlightening experience – I couldn’t have hoped for more!

Double Dom experience sounds great, as soon as my bum has recovered up for that – it would be privilege 😉

It’s great to connect with people who renew your faith in humanity – refreshing and healing!

See you thurs – can’t wait!

February 24th Tick Tock…. the next AcadaMay looms will you be there? My band of Mistresses & I shall be.

Ladies tea party March 19th 2pm- 5pm

Once again the ladies will meet for cake & kink.. what a lovely day eating cake, drinking tea with intelligent conversation. Oh yes my slave turned up like the Easter bunny to present to us some Easter eggs in a lovely basket..

AcadaMay Madrid 11th March 10pm-3.00am

Mistress May and Mistresses shall be whipping up a storm in Madrid at La Pasterleria… What a night of decadence it was in Madrid.Pasteleria last night was amazing! Such a beautiful dungeon and so much fun with my Mistresses and the subs. We all got to play with each other nicely and I noticed some exceedingly wobbly legs as the subs left after 6 hours of decadence. Here is a comment from two of the Mistresses attending…

Absolutely. Another fantastic AcadaMay, this time in gorgeous Spanish surroundings. Can’t think of a better mix than Madrid and kink. There were indeed some wobbly legs, I’m not sure how some people made it up those stairs from the dungeon after what we did to them…. all of it deserved of course. Viva AcadaMay! Si Senora.. Mistress Iceni

Thanks again for having me there 🙂
It was so much fun and great to meet everyone. I’d love to participate again the next time,

Mistress Marlene,

AcadaMay would like to thank all those that attend our Madrid event we look forward to the next few events in the UK. Take a look here for more information about our parties and to purchase a ticket foe one of our events

Tomorrow March 24th is another AcadaMay

Myself and all the Mistresses are looking forward to a new segment which is the Slave Auction ooo what fun we shall have. Slaves shall be auctioned off to the Mistresses and then we shall proceed with our usual exquisite event. The event smaller than last month became even more intimate with the slave auction, slaves were bought and sold to the Mistresses. It was a small gathering of like minded people all slaves had a happy ending and enjoyed the attention of the Mistresses attending. We look forward to our next event.

AcadaMay Online Slave shop coming soon!!

AcadaMay slave shop

AcadaMay 28th April

The event is shaping up nicely all tickets were sold out to single males always a flurry of activity come the day. Our slave auction begins at 8.00pm all Mistresses looking forward to stripping these mere men of their egos and making them slaves. We look forward to a full event with lots of decadent activity. I am now going to sort out my toys ready for our flagship AcadaMay event in London at Le Boudoir.

If you did not manage to get your tickets in time let that be a lesson to you that AcadaMay is becoming very popular so get your tickets early for this unique event. Update after the event this evening.Well, well what can be said about last night’s event other than it was a decadent affair Mistresses had a wonderful time and the slaves a pleasurable erotic time.What a night we had last night this installment of AcadaMay was even better. All slaves were sold auctioned off to the Mistresses… There was no escape! our female slut was also used and abused. No more shall be said as what happens in AcadaMay stays in AcadaMay. We now look forward to our next event on 18th May at Le Boudoir our flagship event in London. Remember to get your tickets early so you do not miss out!

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