Reviews 2

All our reviews are taken from real people who have attended our events and given with permission. see below one slaves detailed account of his experience.

Reviews from our March 29th Soiree from real people


Reviews from slave our last few AcadaMay’s


AcadaMay in Antwerp 19th January – Fetish Cafe

I just wanted to thank You for the evening you held at the Fetish Café, it was truly nice to spend the evening there during AcadaMay. I had a lot of fun and it exceeded my expectations. Slave Z

Dear Master May
I will surely be present at your next evening.
Best regards Mistress S

I thank you for yesterday — very nice — kinky , sweet atmosphère

Boy E

Mrs May/AcadaMay,

Once again, thank you for the wonderful evening yesterday.

slave V

The Slave Auction.

A gathering in London to sell off male slaves to clothed dominant women for the evening. Take 15 naked guys lined up in a row, naked as the day they were born, adorned only with a collar and a number written on their chest. I was number 5. The ladies enter and begin inspections. No talking is allowed unless spoken to directly. There are about 12 ladies.
One approaches me and   looks me up and down, taking in my nakedness. She tells me to turn around so she can see my rear. Her gloved hand strokes it and she comments that it is nice and small, but also adds that it looks good for a hard spanking. I gulp. She orders me to turn around and I’m now facing two ladies who are looking at me. She reaches down and feels my penis, cupping my balls.
“Very small boy, aren’t you?”  My flaccid cock is only about 2 inches.
“Yes ma’am”, I reply, feeling somewhat humiliated as the guy next to me has a large penis hanging between his legs.
“How large do you get boy?”
“Just under 6 inches ma’am”, I reply. She smiles, my erect size seems to meet with her approval. She jots down my number on a small pad she is holding and moves on.
I am then inspected by a number of other ladies, handled, and questioned. I catch a glimpse to my left when I’m not being examined and notice that a few of the guys are now sporting hard ons following the attentions of the ladies. They are clearly blushing and embarrassed, but there is nothing they can do about it as the rules are hands by sides at all times. We are for that evening just naked slaves there to do as told.
A young black lady approaches with a wicked smile on her face. She says nothing but just runs her hands over my body and then tickles my balls and gives my penis a few tugs causing it to begin to stiffen. She laughs. I blush.   Each slave has a slave contract on which it has our name and any limits we may have and she examines this, nodding, and then turns her attention to the guy on my right.  He is nicely put together as they say, with a fit smooth body, aged mid 30s and a lovely 4-inch penis   totally shaved. Her touch    causes a little stir in his penis, but he retains control. I’m now at half-mast observing this interaction.

Then   it is over; the host calls order and the ladies step back. The line-up of naked males is then appraised, some are still erect and comments, none too flattering are made. Much laughter at our expense. Now it is time for the auction.
Each slave in turn steps forward onto the plinth, raised up for all to see. They may be asked further questions prior to the start of bidding. As each one passes, I feel myself getting more nervous as I will soon be up there. Number 3, then 4 and now it is my turn. A few questions about my hard limits and then the bidding. I am purchased by the young Mistress who also bought the guy next to me, I wonder what she has planned for us. After purchase, I am placed in large cell with the others on our knees until the sale is ended and our new Mistresses can come and collect their purchases, their property for the next 3 hours.
That time soon comes around and the Mistress introduces herself and asks a few questions. She wants to get straight down to business starting with punishment and humiliation.  In the cell, there is a large double padded raised area and we take this over, the two of us side by side on all fours our bottoms on show ready for punishment. She produces a leather paddle and begins to beat us. It stings and she is soon using it with some force causing   me to react with grunts of pain and each time swing forward. I feel my penis swinging and hardening as she does this. Soon she declares we both have rosy red bottoms for all to see.
She commands us to stand up, hands on head and I notice that there is another lady watching this scene. After a brief discussion, I am now back on all fours sideways on, the lady watching now has an excellent view of me. The other guy is seated with his back to the wall, legs apart in front of me, the Mistress is behind – I am about to be spit roasted in front of an audience, which I notice has now grown. A number of ladies and a couple of slaves are about to watch my complete humiliation.
My head is pushed down and I open wide to take in the guy’s large penis; he is still soft and I know it will grow in my mouth as I begin to suck. Meanwhile I am lubed up and feel as the mistress with her strap on as she enters me, her hands on my waist and then she starts, slowly at first, and then working up to a rhythm and I manage to get my sucking in time to her thrusts. She gets faster and I feel the pain of her entering and exiting my rear, her thighs slapping against my bum cheeks, making that unique sound, and my penis swinging up and down between my legs. It is humiliating, embarrassing and yet incredibly exciting. After a good seeing to, she   pulls out and gives my rear a light spank. I look up and see another mistress smiling at me, not with me and she has clearly enjoyed the display of female power over a naked male.

Our mistress orders us to swap places and soon she is giving my fellow slave an equally good seeing to. He grunts and groans, and I’m not sure if it is pleasure or pain or of course both. It is incredibly erotic and he is   giving me good head too, it is not long before I am hard as a rock.
Once she is finished, we are back standing up hands on head, he is soft whilst after his attentions my penis is standing tall. The Mistress who enquired about my size looks over and smiles. I blush again in fact I’m almost red all over.
We are then sent off to   get Mistress a drink and I must walk through the dungeon where various things are going on with my erection on display, it produces one or two laughs and comments.
After drinks are served, Mistress keeps my fellow slave for some harder corporal punishments and hands me over to the other lady who has watched my humiliation throughout. She leads me to a spanking bench and straps me down and I am “treated” to a thoroughly hard hand spanking. I gasp as every so often a really hard spank is administered. I am tied down so cannot move and feel the pain coursing through my body.
The time passes quickly, 2 more Mistresses have their way with me, one entering me with a vibrating strap on which is different, whilst my fellow slave is a lucky guy, I assume because he is so well endowed, he is chosen. He is   laid down across a bench and another slave is ordered to suck him off to   completion. His ejaculation is greeted with much amusement and pleasure by the ladies. I wish it had been me either sucking or being made to cum, maybe next time I will be allowed.
All too soon, the time is up, we are freed from our slavery and put our clothes back on. My fellow slave and I say goodbye and thank you, especially to the lovely but strict lady who organised the event and head together into the night to catch the train and discuss what we have just experienced. 


I attended the slave auction last Thursday. The entire event was very erotically charged. There were many Goddesses and Mistresses at the event.had loads of fun with all the Mistresses. i enjoyed every moment as slave 9 =D. i also had the privilege of being Dildo-ing. Unfortunately there wasn’t a strapon available. My Mistress also allowed me the privilege of touching myself and being allowed to cum. i was also flogged and spanked during the event. The theme of ‘semi’ CFnm ( well us males were wearing panties which also enhanced the experience very much more.

Just an added 2 cents. The guy above gave a very true review of how erotic things are at the Slave Auction. It is very good value for money and was an experienced not to be missed.) I do not have regression’s verbal acumen hence my review being rather short but entirely genuine.



Dear Master May

I wish to express my gratitue that I was bought by you. I have not regretted it one second.

You administred the blows with mercyless precision and passion that I truly may enjoy a most remarkable “afterglow”. I crave for more.

I thank my Maitraisse for having guided me to your event and for having put me on the market. Hopefully we stay in touch and meet again.

With great respect for you MM and your admirable group of mistresses.