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 It is a regular event for subs and slaves with Mistress May as your beautiful ebony host for a day of divine decadence and sublime submission - all those who crave to kneel at the feet of superior Goddesses should make it their priority to attend our events. Come & join our circle of shame and slave auctions if you dare...

Having been approached by various females with an interest in becoming a Mistress, I realised the need of rigorous training for aspiring Dommes who are interested in the lifestyle. Consequently I set up AcadaMay as a vehicle to equip applicants with the necessary mental & physical skills so that they can use their expertise ethically & safely on willing subs & slaves.

I achieve this with one to one seminars, practical demonstrations & participation in private sessions with my clients. When I feel they have grasped the basics of domination I invite them to my monthly dungeon party where they can practice their newly found skills under my watchful eye. AcadaMay finishing school is for aspiring Mistresses who wish to come and practice & hone their skills.attending our monthly events and soon to be workshops. If you are an aspiring new Mistress and wish to gain some practical experience as well as join our monthly events then AcadaMay is for you. You can send us an email about how to join us.                

We welcome single males, females and sub couples who wish to explore any aspect of their alternative personality. I especially welcome nervous females who might wish to experience the world of BDSM for the first time in a safe and regulated environment. I do ask that anyone intending to come contacts me for a quick chat first so that I can get to know them a little and understand what it is that they are looking to get from their experience with me and my protéges.

AcadaMay provides a place where people can go to let loose their inhibitions after a hard day at work or to spice up their vanilla life. As a sub or slave you may wish to share or further your experiences with your Mistress. If you are one of those people that wishes to push the boundaries or you seek something a little more intimate in a clean, private, discreet and friendly space then AcadaMay is for you.

AcadaMay can also host your very own tailor made event so if you are interested please contact us here at AcadaMay. We also welcome any ideas, suggestions, comments or accounts of your experiences at AcadaMay and please keep an eye out for future events.

You may participate by attending the AcadaMay events which are held in luxury locations the world over. It’s a wonderful opportunity to meet new Mistresses in an extremely erotically charged atmosphere. I make sure that all Dommes interact with all who attend so that everyone is given the full attention of my gorgeous fledgling but accomplished Dommes. You are welcome to our monthly events. Will you join me and help with their education as, in turn, they help you with yours?

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