What is AcadaMay?

A society or institution of distinguished scholars and artists or scientists that aims to promote and maintain standards in its particular field of BDSM. We are an elite AcadaMay for like minded people providing a place where people can go to let loose their inhibitions after a hard day at work or to spice up their vanilla life.




AcadaMay welcomes anyone who wishes to explore any aspect of their alternative personality. We especially welcome nervous subs who might wish to experience the world of BDSM for the first time in a safe and regulated environment. We welcome single males, females and sub couples who wish to explore any aspect of their alternative personality in a discreet and private setting.AcadaMay was set up as a vehicle to equip ladies with the necessary mental & physical skills so that they can use their expertise ethically & safely on willing subs & slaves.With an emphasis on providing a breeding ground for fledgling Dominas and the submissives who love to obey, submit and be corrected by them we have provided a variety of venues on a regular basis for guests to explore the many facets involved in femdomme led activity.


We are currently putting the finishing touches to our dungeon on our extensive land in the hills of Tuscany – how would you fancy a deeply decadent few days serving in such a secluded and erotic location with just us and our personally tutored gorgeous ladies as your guides to a fabulously strict and erotically charged intimate experience?

If you have a decadent desire, are a couple who fancy a weekend break with a difference, or have an unfulfilled fantasy AcadaMay will do its best to organize the perfect event for you.

Our exquisite companions and myself pride ourselves on being truly discreet, decadent, erotic & fun – there is only one AcadaMay where you can expect an erotic, sexy, fulfilling time exploring your alternative lifestyle.Novice Doms and Dommes as well as novice submissives are welcome to attend: as usual with all our AcadaMay parties its an inclusive evening where everyone is encouraged to make new friends, play together and benefit Dommes as well as novice submissives are welcome to attend: Just because you’re new to the BDSM scene should not be a source of anxiety, whatever your level of experience is it”s our aim to make you feel comfortable and fulfilled when you attend the AcadaMay.

How do I acquire an invitation to the AcadaMay?

When you apply to attend the AcadaMay you will be sent a brief questionnaire so that we can know more about you so we can tailor the evening to reflect the interests of our participants – If you wish to know what happens at AcadaMay you will have to attend.What makes AcadaMay so special?Our parties are both exclusive & inclusive! Unlike run of the mill Fem Domme events, this is a highly organised evening where strict protocols are in place to ensure that every sub has private 1 to 1 time with every single Mistress and has a chance to explore their own personal fantasies. There will be no standing around waiting to play with Mistresses from the moment you enter AcadaMay until the moment you are released you will be taken in hand and told exactly what to do. Please note: although you will be there to serve the Mistresses, they in turn are there to fulfill your submissive desires which they will take pride in doing to their utmost ability.