AcadaMay prides itself on being discreet and decadent… Our events are inclusive for a maximum of a dozen subs and an equivalent number of female Dommes.. I always strive to have a few more Mistresses than subs so that everyone attending has their full crack of the whip! It leaves plenty of opportunity for double Domming and group play as well! you will find that the Mistresses work very much as a team, swapping and sharing, assisting each other and exploring the subs limits. AcadaMay is a regular event with Mistress May as your beautiful ebony host for an evening of divine decadence and sublime submission – all those who crave to kneel at the feet of superior Goddesses should make it their priority to attend! AcadaMay provides a place where people can go to let loose their inhibitions after a hard day at work or to spice up their vanilla life. Whatever your level of experience, whether completely new to this, or an old hand, it is my aim to make you feel comfortable and at ease with your journey into submission. The delectable Mistresses attending are experienced Mistresses and enjoy nothing more than having you on your knees. We also have our house butler & dungeon Master who will be there to serve you drinks and do your bidding..

How do I get an invite – What happens at AcadaMay?

Before you attend I will send you a brief questionnaire so that I can know more about you so that I can tailor the evening to reflect the interests of the participants – see here to join us. Upon your arrival you will be served a drink by our butler and have an opportunity the meet the Mistresses socially and ask any questions before your encounter begins. After the introductions each sub will be a commanded to attend the dungeon where they will be derobed. There will be myself or the dungeon Master present should you have any concerns during the course of the event. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet new Mistresses in an extremely erotically charged atmosphere. I make sure that all Dommes interact with all subs so that everyone is given full attention at all times.  It’s a fantastic evening of pleasure, pain, humiliation and submission which features our very own “Circle of Shame’ & ‘ Speed Domming’ segments. Our London parties held in London in a gorgeous space which has an entire basement floor which includes a schoolroom, 3 sensory deprivation rooms, a large fully equipped dungeon with suspension, St. Andrew’s Cross, whipping benches and cage, a self contained prison and a large reception area/bar. There really is something for everyone, no matter what your personal depravity.

What makes AcadaMay so special?

Our parties are both exclusive & inclusive! Unlike run of the mill Fem Domme events, this is a highly organised evening where I have put strict protocols in place to ensure that every sub has private 1 to 1 time with every single Mistress and has a chance to explore their own personal fantasies. There are plenty of spaces and private areas; it is a spotlessly clean & beautiful environment. There will be no standing around waiting to play with Mistresses who are more interested in chatting to each other, from the moment you enter AcadaMay until the moment you are released you will be taken in hand and told exactly what to do. Please note: although you will be there to serve the Mistresses, they in turn are there to fulfill your submissive desires which they will take pride in doing to their utmost ability.    What is AcadaMay? a society or institution of distinguished scholars and artists or scientists that aims to promote and maintain standards in its particular field. We are an elite AcadaMay for like minded people providing a place where people can go to let loose their inhibitions after a hard day at work or to spice up their vanilla life.

If you are one of those people that wishes to push the boundaries or you seek something a little more intimate in a clean, classy, private, discreet and friendly space then elite AcadaMay is for you.

AcadaMay provides exclusive & private events by invitation only at various  private plush locations .

Come & join us for an erotically charged time whilst exploring your innermost fantasies and deepest sexual desires.. in a  sexually charged but safe enviroment.

You will experience our very own circle of shame & speed doming segments fulfilling journey. Are you ready to join the intimate, erotic world of AcadaMay?

AcadaMay has become the byword for submission and erotic female Dominance. Come & explore with us! “Do not be afraid of exploring your sexuality, fantasies, desires. Embrace them love them. Make them yours. They are part of who you are.”

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