Soiree Join The Revolution : Friday 29th March 2019 9.30PM - late

In response to all those who have in the past asked to attend our events to just watch or be watched we have organized a regular soiree for you to explore your voyeuristic and/or exhibitionist fetish.Welcome to the exciting, erotically-charged world of V&E. Joining V&E opens you up to sexual liberation you have previously only dreamed about OR may wish to continue. Are you ready to join the V&E revolution? 

AcadaMay V&E Is open to all people of all genders and ages. At our parties all play is consensual between consenting adults and no one is ever pressured or coerced to do anything with which they are not comfortable with. You can just watch if you want to with no pressure to "exhibit" yourself this is a club for adults who have a genuine interest in voyeurism, exhibitionism and BDSM. I have been running BDSM events for many years now and am always at particular pains to make sure that my evenings are inclusive and welcoming; easy-going, respectful and fun.:

Join us and experience the difference at the V&E fetish soiree you won’t just find sexy, friendly people everywhere, you’ll be energized by the whole experience. With ample space that will help you relax and enjoy your downtime with us.

Come and join us on Friday 29th March 2019  to meet new and a few old and valued friends at the Voyeurs & Exhibitionist Soiree.