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AcadaMay August 25th 8pm-12am see our reviews here

AcadaMay London 24th March 8pm - 12am

AcadaMay Cambridge House Party 16th April 9pm - 3am

AcadaMay  Midlands Twitchy  Palm Dungeon 9pm - 2am

AcadaMay London 28th April 8pm-12am

AcadaMay Femdomme santuary at Le Boudoir February 25th - 8pm-12am

AcadaMay is a regular event for subs and slaves with Mistress May as your beautiful ebony host for an evening of divine decadence and sublime submission

AcadaMay Femdomme Sanctuary at Le Boudoir January 21st 9pm - 1am

For the Dominant Women & the subs who serve them. Invited single gentlemen and ladies welcome.
This month's AcadaMay will be an exclusive & private event by invitation only and will be held once again  in Aldgate, London.

AcadaMay at La Pasterleria Madrid 11th March 10pm-2am

AcadaMay de este mes será un evento exclusivo y privado sólo por invitación y se llevará a cabo una vez, en el magnífico La Pasteleria en Madrid.

This month's AcadaMay will be an exclusive & private event by invitation only and will be held once at the gorgeous La Pasteleria in Madrid.


AcadaMay English Tea Parties...

Screen Shot 2015-12-27 at 23.37.11Mistress May AcadaMay elegant tea parties are held every month,  for all females. Ladies attending the tea parties vary as well. They are often heterosexual, but may be bisexual or lesbian, and such leanings are immaterial to the AcadaMay Society tea parties. Women may be feminists, Dominants or submissive Females.

Their purpose for coming is primarily to enjoy a pleasant afternoon of friendly female conversation, meet other women of similar interest, and be pampered and catered to by our naked servant boys. The elegant tea parties aim is to bring all women together to exchange ideas, about BDSM, talk politics, fashion, and discuss  the empowerment of women to network, to share literary works, and to enjoy intelligent female conversation meet other women of similar interest  and be pampered and catered by our naked servant boys.

Our gatherings shall take place every month in a variety of elegant venues in London. So ladies, ensure you have those sexy heels and smart attire prepared for the next Tea Party. This particular one shall take place in a lovely domestic setting.

Previous Tea Party...

When: Saturday 7th November 2015
Time: 3pm

No men are allowed to be members of  the AcadaMay tea parties  and there are no exceptions to this rule. However, although men are not allowed into the Society, they may apply to be servers, waiters, butlers or providers of various services solely for the needs, pleasure and enjoyment of our Ladies. This consists of high protocol and Male servers will abide by the protocols set.

Our parties do not involve sexual activities nor are they hosted to provide a dating service.

Our Ladies always dress appropriately and no risque outfits are ever worn by our Ladies. Although all males are always expected to be nude at all times, no female nudity ever occurs. Feminism and the empowerment of women are integral to the AcadaMay Society. Dommes do enjoy our parties given the elevated status and authority of women. However, traditional BDSM activities such as humiliation and discipline are typically not part of the theme of our events. But... it is at the discretion of the females if they wish to spank or use the males or not. We may have a play session after the Tea Party if there is interest from the ladies present.