AcadaMay upcoming event: 23rd November 2017 at the Le Boudoir.

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AcadaMay 23rd November 8pm-12pm

AcadaMay 21st December 8pm- 12pm Kink Xmas

AcadaMay Avant Garde slave auctions runs unique adult BDSM parties. Our events are private,  unique and  fun and held in a sumptuous club in central London. Everyone is welcome to attend;  experienced Mistresses or those honing their skills, single ladies, single gents, or couples. Regardless if you are experienced at BDSM or a first timer there is no pressure to take part in anything outside of your comfort zone and there will always be the dungeon Master  present to explain what is going on. To find out more about what you can expect if you wish to attend the AcadaMay go to the FAQ page. If after confirming you will feel comfortable at one of our parties and would like an invite  go to the parties page and events page here where you can make a reservation.

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upcoming-eventsmay-18th-8pm-12amjune-22nd-8pm-12amacadamay-summer-ball-20th-julyWhilst we have a stable of AcadaMay slaves we continue to search for slaves to join our slave auction it is not for the faint hearted.. Once you join you will become an AcadaMay slave, loyalty will be expected from all slaves. If you try to escape you will be found, chained and brought before the auction. You are welcome to apply..