Our aim is to cater to your fetish desires "Sexuality is the most essential drive of any living creature, and anything that invigorates your enjoyment or fetish desire is something that should be explored and celebrated.”

 Consent is very important to us so here are some guidelines for you..

No one is allowed to touch unless with consent or get in touch with any other member prior to meeting at the parties, and then only with express permission. Our parties have to remain safe and consensual especially for the females attending. No photography, filming or recordings of any kind are allowed and mobile phones must be put away on arrival. No means simply No! all members are to remain respectful of boundaries and do not take anything for granted please red the signs if in doubt our party monitor will be on hand if you are unsure of anything. They will be the first point of contact if you are concerned about something or need some information they will be known to you at our parties ensuring they do not interrupt play but will ensure you are playing safe while enjoying yourselves. We are all open minded adults so lets play safe and keep it that way. Members will not be allowed to disclose location details or discuss what happens at our parties.

What is our parties not about..

We are not a brothel we do not hire escorts.We are not a dating agency, although people do meet others at our events, but that is a private matter between them.We are not a swingers' club as such, although once an "exhibiting" couple get going, nature does take its course and (with permission) some people like to play with each other and other people simply watch proceedings.If you join V&E it is on the express understanding that you have read this and are willing to comply to these very simple, but important, guidelines. If you don't do so (and after a fair warning) you will be removed from our parties and your membership terminated.Your entry fees go towards paying for the lovely location/s that we use and refreshments and drinks provided. You are able to BYOB if you wish.

That said, the V&E is a friendly, welcoming group of people and we hope to see you all soon!