If you’re a sexual maverick or a daring deviant, you’re not going to listen to anyone who tells you there’s a time and a place. You have always derived great pleasure from watching BDSM scenes on video and now AcadaMay V&E welcomes you to a new and more fulfilling way to feel liberated among other sexy people.

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This is a fetish group for voyeurs & exhibitionist, BDSM, Kinky & Fetish People that like to explore one of the most widespread of all fetish desires, that to watch or be watched. But being AcadaMay we have tailored it also to your particular interest in BDSM. This could be watching others who are involved in a fetish scene, being put on display by a Dominant woman in an embarrassing or compromising nature, being caned in front of others or merely just being naked in a room of clothed strangers. We all have varying degrees of fetish that we enjoy and we aim to cater for all tastes, after all, there is not a one size fits all and there is definitely nothing to be ashamed off.

 In response to all those who have in the past asked to attend our events to just watch or be watched we will be organizing parties/events for you to explore your voyeuristic and/or exhibitionist fetish.

AcadaMay V&E Is open to all people of all genders and ages. At our parties all play is consensual between consenting adults and no one is ever pressured or coerced to do anything with which they are not comfortable.. You can just watch if you want to with no pressure to “exhibit” yourself. This is a club for people who have a genuine interest in voyeurism, exhibitionism and BDSM.

Dungeon Play Party Tickets 19th April 2019

That said, the V&E is a friendly, welcoming group of deviant people and we hope to see you all soon

We have been running BDSM events for many years now and am always at particular pains to make sure that my evenings are inclusive and welcoming; it’s easy-going, respectful and fun.

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email: voyeursexhibitionist@gmail.com    www.meetup.com/AcadaMay-V-E-Meet-Up/
https://fetlife.com/users/9539320             https://twitter.com/AcadaMay